Drum playability and maintenance

Before and during its use:

It is quite normal for the sound of the same drum to vary.

Check the tension: The skin should be tight enough to provide a sound that lasts, while still giving as much bass as the drum usually does. At the extremes, it goes from the sound of saucepan without bass (too tight) to a dull poc poc and without harmonic (not tight).

If it is too tight, you can either play on the drum tuning system if it has one (internal air chamber, modification of the string ...).

either play the moistening of the skin (pass a wet cloth on the skin for example.

If it is not tight enough, you can also play on the tuning system if it has one, or bring it near a heat source: put it near a fire, 'a heat lamp, the radiator, in the sun ... but be careful: watching it !! at the risk of sometimes irreparably damaging it. Do not forget it near these heat sources. If it stretches too much, it can then lose its elasticity and tighten more the next time. A few minutes, held by hand, are sufficient.

Out of use:

Like any instrument, it is of course strongly recommended to protect it with an appropriate cover (protect from the sun, sudden variations in humidity, blows). A blanket can also do the trick very well.

If the conditions allow it at home (air not too dry) you can of course display it on a wall or a shelf and have the pleasure of its presence.

The drum, when not in use, does not fear humidity, at worst it is relaxed, but it is damage-free. On the other hand, it fears the dry (which is sometimes more present in winter than in summer!). In this case, be careful to preserve it (animal skins).

Be careful in the car (no rear shelf in the sun for example).

Once or twice a year pass a dab of oil on the skin (outer side) with a soft cloth or your hand (sweet almond oil for example, or camelina). This will nourish the skin (like us) and help it resist dryness better.

The drums as well as the accessories sold on this site are of quality. We have taken care to select conscientious and respectful craftsmen in their approach, in the choice and use of materials, and in the work accomplished. They put their heart and care into it. We therefore wish you a very nice meeting and good journeys!

The drums sold here are guaranteed for one year (sometimes more for some craftsmen) for normal and proper use. But in ten years of experience we have never had any feedback!