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Shamanic Drum Painting / Healing Process by Adeline Dupret.

Example of painting made during a process of meeting and caring for a specific person.


“When you make the wish and engage in the Painting of your Shamanic Drum through me, you enter into a particular process, which can be attributed to a process of Healing.

Everything I create is Vibratingly Powerful because it carries Healing or Messages adjoining the evolution of the Being ... otherwise I do not create and share my "Creations".

How does it happen :

I welcome you to my Workshop so that you can hand me your Drum and visually know where it will be during the process.

When we meet, we come into Soul-to-Soul contact as well as the Drum Soul which is the link between Spirits and Matter. I do not master any laws of time. As such, your Drum remains in my Workshop for the time necessary for its Creation, because the subtle is at work beyond Us. Your Drum will speak to me, him, through touch (his skin), or by sound (which I would generate with my own mallet) or by both.

During our deposit meeting we share your wishes and totemic affiliations already known but here too, I do not control anything, nor you, and perhaps other Animals, Spirits of Nature or Elements may appear below your “Demand and expectation”. I share with you every interaction and what "goes down" ... because maybe it is quite another thing that awaits you to register ... this for your "evolution" of course.

The Totemic Spirits themselves decide to get in touch with me. They decide for themselves when, their hierarchical location if there is more than one, and the Space they will take on the Skin, both energetically and graphically.

A Drum painted by my hands acquires a powerful life energy. It becomes "otherwise alive" and vibrates once in your presence like a "Mirror of the Soul". Associated with "your" painting, it becomes an entirely different extension of your deep Self and your vibration, being able to open "The Vision", whether by projection of yourself into your daily life and / or by vibratory messages. In general and from experience in this subject, my paintings "live" and "move" and so can (for you or the other who sees) inform with clarity and frankness.

Once the process is completed your Drum is purified and made neutral of all my energies. Only those coming from the Divine accompany him. We share a handover ritual and I also offer you support if necessary for the integration of your "New Drum" ...

My medicine is straightforward. It may happen that nothing presents itself and Soul-to-Soul contact may not be established or "otherwise", and for other purposes. As such, and beyond any judgment, I do not paint the Drum in question.

Price: Between 310 € and 410 € depending on the size and the painting to be created. I do not put a limit on the time to be taken in creation. In general, the deadline is 1 month to 1 month and a half.

And if you want more information about me, you can visit me on the Virtual Web at: https: // / ... What you will discover about me is the same to what I manifest in my Real life! "

Presentation made by Adeline Dupret herself.

Drum not included.

Please contact Drums of the Earth if you would like more information or place an order. We will establish together the establishment of this creation.

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