Drum painting

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Shamanic Drum Painting by Mélanie Vissac.

Example of painting made during a co-creation for a specific person.


Mélanie Vissac offers to paint on your drums.

"After a Baccalaureate in Plastic Arts and university studies I discovered another way of approaching painting through a training in decoration painting: learning to know fake (fake marble, fake wood, etc.) to make it disappear or for magnifying a support.

In any case, I document as much as possible on a given subject, the images found by artists of yesterday and today are a great source of inspiration and facilitate the emergence of a more personal creation.

Passionate about mythology and ethnology, I like to integrate a symbolic dimension or a slight shift in my productions if I have the leisure.

To paint a drum in skin is to work on a living, unique support, an instrument that already has a personality that it is a question of illuminating in the eyes of the person who will play it and it is this dialogue, this co-creation that makes this project so exciting. "

Melanie Vissac

These achievements are, in a privileged way, made from an exchange with you to be personalized. Mélanie works with great care, attention, technicality, and great listening.

The photos presented correspond to achievements on drums following orders or sketches presenting the diversity of possible productions (and many others are!).

Prices vary according to the work to be done (time, technicality, size of the drum, investigation ...).

Count on average between 130 and 180 € for a painting on a 40 cm drum, more for a larger drum.

Paintings can be done on drums you already own or on drums you find on this site.

Drum not included.

Please contact Drums of the Earth if you would like more information or place an order. We will establish together the establishment of this creation.

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