Nylon canvas drum 40 cm (16")

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Nylon canvas drum (vegan drum). Moisture resistant, tunable.


Nylon canvas drum, wooden frame (recycled barrel).

The nylon canvas allows the tension of the drum to remain extremely stable.

The drum does not relax indoors. It can relax a little outside which is easily caught by the tuning system (presence of an air chamber in the frame, small bicycle pump provided).

It is therefore a particularly all-terrain drum, which does not fear rain, humidity or the sun!

The correct color is that of the second photo (photo of the profile of the drum).

No animal matter in the drum.

The inflation of the canvas, in addition to catching up with the variations in tension due to variations in humidity, allows you to play on a wide range of sounds, from deep bass to high harmonics.


Ultra light drum!

Diameter: 40cm

Frame height: 7 cm

Weight: 550 gr

Supplied with its mallet and a pump.

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16 inch
Nylon canvas
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